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New 9/11 Pentagon Video: Listener Comments, Suggestions & Questions

Infowars | May 11, 2006

From: ezraezra
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 2:39 AM
To: tips@infowars.com
Subject: Rough calculations…

Not to add more “filler” in your in-box, but I've downloaded the newly released video of the Pentagon attack. After playing it over and over, I kept thinking to myself: if this is the only "true" video we have at this point, can someone with experience determine the size of the "object" striking the Pentagon?

I remember watchin what looks like the same footage on cable news networks years ago and I have the exact same reaction to this "freedom of information" release. Basically, it doesn't prove that a Boeing 757 crashed into the building – in fact it's given me the opposite feeling that it wasn't a large airliner at all.

It occurred to me that even a rudimentary in architecture, physics, or a trainee in Industrial Light & Magic could come up with an estimate of how big (or small) the grainy, fuzzy white object in the single frame is. By an easy find as to the dimensions of the Pentagon wall, the distance of where the surveillance camera and the driveway is to the impact sight and a computer compensation of the wide-angle lens of the camera, one could fairly and perhaps accurately "judge" the size of the white object.

From my layman's eyes, the blurry projectile seems too small to be a 757. Too large to be a missile (that I'm aware of) – but, none-the-less, not a commercial passenger plane.

I'm fairly new to your site and I apologize if this suggestion has come up before.

As a writer in LA who find various "conspiracy" sites great sources for fiction – no offense intended by the way - I do consider myself as a norm a skeptic, however, the more I learn about the events surrounding 9/11, the "official" reporting simply does not add up. No matter how much one would want a very simple, easy to digest answer, my intuition suggests otherwise as do key evidence. It's not so much what the "official" story states, but what it doesn't state and it's inconsistency and contradictions which raise red flags.

I just viewed CNN's report of the (then) upcoming release of the "new" video and their correspondent Barbara Star, after shunning various websites and blogs, stated with dramatic and pointed seriousness: “This [video] also is expected to put to rest some of the internet chatter, some of the – uh – sort of fringe comments that have been out on the internet for years now about whether or not a plane really hit this building -- and of course a plane did hit this building.” -- Emphasis added.

Of course, this is not good journalism, rather just another editorial. What had occurred to me often with this sort of absolutism is the almost desperation of people to want to believe that we are all innocent people in this matter. This desperation keeps one from truly thinking, "seeing," or at the very least opening up to a harsher reality. I guess that in itself is the purpose.

Thanks for being on the "fringes."


From: BLP
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 2:55 AM
To: Alex Jones
Cc: the power hour
Subject: Fw: May 16-06 pentagon videotape -- frame rate has been tampered with

On World News Tonight - ABC National News the talking head introduced the release of this story (the film of the jet hitting the Pentagon) as "proving once and for all, beyond any doubt that anyone who still believes that it was not a plane that hit the Pentagon is Crazy!" she really said that!

This says that the government is drawing a line in the sand to challenge established facts, while at the same time trying to completelycompletely disqualify any logical or credible evidence, of what really happened to the Pentagon on 911 That's CRAZY and thoroughly unprofessional - but more to the point - THIS IS SCARY, because the government may be planning to use this, to order psychiatric evaluations on any remaining disbelievers. . .


From: Joe Stephan
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:01 AM
To: tips@infowars.com
Subject: Pentagon Footage Not New

Hi Alex:

The released footage is not new. It can be seen in a documentary about the Pentagon that National Geographic TV has been showing for the past two years. Keep up the good work!

Regards, Joe Stephan

From: Paula
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 3:04 AM
To: The Alex Jones Show
Subject: Pentagon New Footage

Hey there.

I am sure all of you know of the new footage of the Pentagon. It was on CNN that i saw and also the nightly news here in Australia.

I got the footage from

I wanted to say that the Pentagon is such liars. If you watch the first footage you will see original cones and stuff in the foreground. And in the new footage there is none there. There must have been another camera. Which means there are at least 2 on site! When the Pentagon said there was NO footage to begin with.
This doesn't prove anything but the Pentagon keeps lying to the people.
I hope that this brings up more conversation in the media about 9/11 Thanks.

From: Susan Lee
May 17, 2006 3:35 AM
To: tips@infowars.com
Subject: pent video: fox news eyewitnesses saw TWO craft!

At aprox 6:30pm that day on fox news a black witness came on saying that all cars on highway next to Pentagon were backed up and stopped on 395 just before it happened. They heard the "plane", saw the explosion then heard the other one, all people out of their cars instincivly ducked, then saw the plane that looked like it was heading for the Pentagon abruptly pull up over the pentagon and flew away.

Altho witnesses and events were replayed again & again that day, this witness's report was not. I was on the phone with a friend and we both saw it on our TVs - the witnesses saw two craft, adding to the theory that it was a missle that hit the pentagon.



From: L Vanderpool
Sent: May 17, 2006
To: tips@infowars.com
Subject: i just noticed something in the new footage

I just watched the footage and i notice that just before the "plane" hits the pentagon the grass gets lighter then after the explosion the grass gets darker as in the time before the impact.  Could this be a film splice? also you don't see the approach of the plane. no shadow or anything just nothing then boom.

From: Yoda
Sent: May 17, 2006 6:30 AM
To: tips@infowars.com
Subject: again ??

Has no one noticed that this purported video appears to be yet another from the pathetic parking lot cam?? Itt is NOT a major security cam at all in the true sense.
The Pentagon is bristling with dozens of other OTHER REAL VIDEO CAMERAS on the outside, as anyone who has been there can attest, and all are recorded 24-7-365. A number of high quality views of anything occurring around the entire perimeter would exist - NOT just one, out of focus, time-lapse record from a measly parking lot cam. Where are the people who should be bringing this fact up and demading REAL (and clear) video(s) from the MAIN SECURITY video cams??
Even now no one seems to recognize that the MAIN camera images are STILL missing (from what I have seen so far)!

From: Bishop Family
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 5:52 AM
To: The Alex Jones Show
Subject: CNN release

Call me dumb, blind whatever but I have watched the CNN clip 3 times frame by frame and still cannot see a plane!

Barbara, New Zealand

From: Michael McNeil
Sent: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 5:14 AM
To: tips@infowars.com
Subject: Flt. 77 Video

Hi Alex,

That was a great segment you guys did on last night's show!

I went to Judicial Watch and watched both videos of the *supposed* Flt. 77 hitting the Pentagon. Guys it's my opinion that the video has been doctored. It's not very obvious, but I think one or two 1/2 second frames are missing from both tapes. How would you know really?
The sun is shining the shadows would not move noticeably, etc. One thing is the fireball seems to grow very large too quickly.

One really weird thing I noticed, on both tapes, is that there is a very large secondary explosion, that is off to the left about eight or nine seconds after whatever hit the building makes the initial fire ball. It is so bright white that it overloads and whites out the image. Think about it! That has to be one heck of a powerful explosion! And the other thing is the time delay. I think there may have been a big charge placed in that part of the building somewhere.
I know that sounds like wild speculation, but we've heard just as wild sorts of things happening around the events at the WTC, right?

Stay on it boys! If you bring enough light it will overpower the darkness, and there will be nowhere for the demons to hide!




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