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Pyroclastic Flows - 9/11's ‘Smoking Gun'

The Truth Will Set You Free | September 13 2006


When I first saw scenes of the towers collapsing, with clouds of smoke billowing through the streets of lower Manhattan, I knew that I had seen it before. But, I couldn't say where. Now, I know.

The US Geological Survey website provides us with a definition of a pyroclastic flow as a ground hugging avalanche of hot gas and debris. The rising gas chimney is clearly visible in this photo of the North Tower implosion, with pyroclastic flows between buildings. The cauliflower shape of the debris cloud is a telltale sign of pyroclastic flows generated by massive explosions, typical of volcanic eruptions and controlled demolitions.

A pyroclastic surge can even flow over water as hot gases carry dust created by explosive energy. Here, the South Tower implosion creates a pyroclastic surge, moving out over the Hudson river.

Once again, our definition of a pyroclastic flow: hot gases carrying dust and debris flow along the ground with a fluid motion. It requires explosive energy to generate the necessary heat, dust, and debris. Turbulence and fluidization of debris are characteristic.

Seeing this footage of pyroclastic flows from volcanic eruptions juxtaposed alongside those that erupted from the collapsing towers will make your jaw drop - it did mine. This is - literally - 9/11's smoking gun.



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