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Scrapbook Terrorist's 9/11 Foreknowledge?
Do hyped home movies indicate a loner wannabe terrorist had prior knowledge?

Infowars.net | November 9, 2006
Steve Watson

A loner wannabe 'Al Qaeda' member was this week sentenced to life imprisonment for his delirious scribblings and cobbled together home movies that apparently suggest he wanted to set off dirty bombs and bring down buildings in London and New York.

As we have previously reported , Dhiren Barot did not have the means to carry out anything of the sort. The "The Crown could not dispute claims from the defence that no funding had been received for the projects, nor any vehicles or bomb-making materials acquired."

Whist ignoring the biggest explosives haul in history, the media in the UK has relentlessly focused on this case and it is still being used as the daily dose of fear on the evening news.

The most hyped part of the debacle had been the so called 'Gas Limos Project' , found on a laptop computer during a search of a house in Gujurat, Pakistan. The basis of this project was to explode gas and explosives packed into limousines or other large vehicles in underground car parks in the UK in coordinated attacks.

Whilst the police have hyped the plans as "a preparation for the al-Qaeda leadership", the reality is that Barot, a former Hindu, had no ties to any known 'Al Qaeda' members whatsoever.

A more interesting facet to this story is the fact that Barot may have had prior knowledge of what was going to happen in New York on September 11 2001.

The London Times reported Monday:

"A reconnaissance video shot by Dhiren Barot in New York in April 2001 contained “a macabre prophecy” of the atrocities that would occur five months later on 9/11, Woolwich Crown Court was told."

The video footage focuses on the proposed attacks on the IMF and World Bank buildings in Washington DC, the New York Stock Exchange, the Citigroup building in New York and the Prudential Insurance building in Newark, New Jersey.

Police found the tape edited into a copy of Die Hard With A Vengeance starring Bruce Willis - a film all about a terrorist bomber setting off a series of explosions in New York.

The video named “Holiday Videos” was found in a cardboard box in a garage in West London that appeared to be full of junk. On first viewing it does seem to be nothing more than a wannabe terrorist's holiday movie, however, a second look reveals he may have known about the impending attacks.

Watch the video below and note how Barot pans across to the WTC towers and then turns and slowly tilts the camera on its side, indicating that the towers are falling down.


Am I being too imaginative here? OK, then watch a second clip where he lingers on the towers, again tilts the camera and makes a swooshing plane noise then an explosion noise. He then repeats the swooshing and the explosion noise a second time, presumably to indicate an attack on both towers.


So either Barot's wild imagination was eerily prophetic or he knew something was going to happen to the towers. Bolstering this idea is the fact that amongst all his plans to attack buildings in New York there is not a single mention of attacking the World Trade Center.

You would think that any fanatic wannabe terrorist who had an interest in New York buildings would pick the towers as his first target.

The London Met police state:

"Woolwich Crown Court was told that, although recorded five months prior to 9 September 2001, there was no evidence to suggest Barot had any involvement in the attacks on the US."

They fail to comment on whether or not he had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. If indeed he did, then how can it be that our government's and intelligence agencies did not pick up on the "chatter"? The answer is simple, they did pick it up.

There are countless instances of prior warnings from governments and intelligence agencies around the globe. These were ignored by the FBI who were ordered to back off investigation of Bin Laden by the President prior to the attacks. Bush's ties to the Bin Ladens and the Saudi elite via Arbusto and the ubiquitous Carlyle Group demanded he shut down all avenues of investigation after he became President in 2000.

It would not be surprising if Barot did have prior knowledge given that fifth-grader Muslims and Taxis drivers knew what was coming. in fact a great deal of the Muslim community was aware that an attack was on the cards.

Barot is not a terrorist, he is not involved with Al Qaeda, he is a lone nut who day dreamed of being in a Bruce Willis film. the fact that he probably had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks tells us at the very least that they were allowed to happen.

This is the reason he will not be questioned on the subject and will quite happily be locked away in a cell for the next 40 years.

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