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Another Letter to the Editor of the Guardian UK about Their Hit Piece on Sheen

Infowars | March 28, 2006

Dear Editor

I was interested to hear of Charlie Sheen's comments regarding 9/11 recently. However the main thing that interested me was not his theory, but that CNN - one of the

US' largest TV stations - gave airtime to a view that America's biggest ever terrorist attack was the work of its own government. American media has a reputation for bias and having a pro-government agenda most of the time, so I was impressed to hear they covered this story.

To then have an article appear in our very own UK media which attempted a character assassination on Mr Sheen was somewhat disppointing, if very predictable. If the article was a proper reply, looked into what troubles Mr Sheen about the 9/11 story and then ripped these conspiracies to shred then fair enough - that would have been a good journalistic response. It was just plain dull to see a journalist quoting convenient soundbites, delving into Mr Sheen's past and then going on to quote wacky things that other celebrities had apparently said in recent times. What a lazy piece of journalism!

The Guardian seems to be emulating the behaviour of the UK tabloids in recent times - I am no longer a regular reader due to the hatchet job that you did on Chomsky recently (where outright lies were printed about him) which I found just unbelievably low.

I was also very disturbed when the Guardian sacked young journalist Dilpazier Aslam for being a member of a Muslim group deemed to be 'extreme' (I looked into the group in question and they are non-violent and moreover, I have since seen members of this group interviewed many times on TV - too extreme just for the Guardian, it seems). This journalist had produced one of the most refreshingly honest articles I had read after the 7th July attacks in London - I knew it was too good to be true and was not too surprised when the Guardian sacked him soon after. It was depressingly in line with what we have come to expect from our cowardly media in recent years.

I hope Charlie Sheen is to be given space to respond to Marina Hyde's article, which came across as lacking in journalistic integrity and just incredibly smug. To not even address points Mr Sheen raised and to focus instead on his past is very low . it also insults readership's intelligence - as if we cannot by now spot an article written for the sole purpose of smearing the subject in hand.

I am becoming increasingly thankful for independent media.


Mr John Baker




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