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Google Caught Censoring Prisonplanet Charlie Sheen 9/11 Coverage Again

Infowars | April 17, 2006

On March 24th, following the incredible response from our coverage of the Charlie Sheen 9/11 story, Google started carrying Prison Planet.com as a news affiliate. This was after we raised questions about previous google's censorship of the story. Google had been supressing the stories while every other major search engine had indexed the pages.

We questioned whether or not their apparant censorship was just a spidering error and considered that the addition of Prisonplanet.com as a news affiliate was an attempt to make up for it.

Now it seems that Google is back at it. While they continue to keep Prisonplanet.com as a news affiliate, they seem to only carry certain stories from the Infowars Network.

A quick search of googlenews using the terms "Charlie Sheen 9/11" and you will find no link to the story written by Prisonplanet about Sheen's most recent comments about 9/11 although our story of several weeks ago detailing Google's censorship is present.

Other news sites are publishing the article that Prisonplanet.com wrote and appearing on Google News. Its conclusive that Google is manipulating hit results, when news sites that get considerably less traffic than Prisonplanet.com are listed and our sites are not.

It seems Google is shunning sites within the Infowars Network and promoting sites that cover this story with a negative spin.



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