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  Media Spins Sheen's Comments As Minority View Despite Polls

Infowars | April 17, 2006

Thanks to recent reports from Infowars.com readers, it has become clear that several media outlets are now attempting to contort the impact of the comments Charlie Sheen made recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show.

The most egregious of the spin appears on Slashfilm where the site states that, "The public attacked Sheen after asking questions about 9/11 on a national radio show. The general viewpoint being that he was just an actor, what right does he have to make such accusations."

While Sheen does indicate that he was attacked for his comments during the interview, it was in fact the media that attacked his brave stance and not the public. The public's outcry, as measured by several polls conducted by CNN and others, had been very much in favor of Sheen and his willingness to put his career on the line and speak truth to power. Even during the interview on the Jimmy Kimmel Live program, the crowd responded with a powerful and sustained round of applause when Sheen again raised his questions about 9/11.

In an article recently published by Scripps-Howard News Service, Journalist Betsy Hart notes the incredible response she first recieved when covering the Sheen 9/11 story, "I started getting inundated with e-mails. They implored _ or demanded _ that I consider Sheen's "evidence" of a government conspiracy."

This is a cheap attempt to skew the incredible, positive response from people all over the country who viewed Sheen's statements on 9/11 as a courageous and important act.

Other news websites, such as The National Ledger are releasing hit-statements against Sheen, but seem to be confused who it is exactly that they are talking about.

(click for full screenshot)

While attempting to state that Sheen is trying to come forward with a mea culpa The Ledger can't even keep straight that its Sheen not Tom Cruise who is brave enough to ask questions about 9/11.

The Ledger tries to slam Sheen, stating:

No one cares if Charlie Sheen has questions. 

But when you make outrageous claims with nothing more than propaganda to back up said claims - expect to be attacked.  Other people get to speak as well - and Sheen needs to understand that.

Sheen is allowed to have his questions - and folks in the media are allowed to challenge him and indeed label him a tin foil hat wearing "Hollywood nut." 

He brought nothing serious to the table to debate.

Quite to the contrary, Sheen asserted only (as he has ever done) that he has questions about things that "don't make sense," and wants to see more attention given to these questions that many people share. His statements during the Jimmy Kimmel interview were not a mea culpa, but a hardline stance reclaiming his right as an American citizen to question authority.

Despite what many might have you believe about Sheen, the people are with him.




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