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Iraq War Veteran's Letter of Support to Charlie Sheen

Infowars.com | April 9, 2006

Mr. Sheen,

First and foremost, BRAVO! You have the [courage] of a soldier! I'd like to say that I was doing paperwork to join the U.S. Army BEFORE 9/11. Due to a snag in my medical paperwork, I was forced to wait before I became enlisted - during this waiting period, I watched, along with hundreds of millions of other people around the globe, the awful events of that September morn. I was given a choice Mr. Sheen, I could dodge the military (because I knew this meant war) or I could continue with my paperwork and go to war for my country. My exact thoughts were "I'm gonna get these [monsters] "! I bit into the stinking whopper of a lie and almost died a few times for it...

So 6 months later I'm in Germany as a private in the United States Military, 4 months later I hitch-hiked into Baghdad (no really, I hitched a ride with a different unit because my unit had left me in Kuwait)!

I patrolled the streets of Baghdad every day and that is no exaggeration. For 16 months Mr. Sheen, I watched Iraqis and Americans die. I received a Purple Heart from a rocket propelled that exploded just 2 and half feet from me. Three months later, my chief (SSG Kimmerley R.I.P.) was blown nearly in half by a rocket propelled , as he fell I caught him in my arms and spent the rest of the night pulling pieces of his intestines from my DCU pockets... it was that night (Sept. 15, 2004) that I rejected the whole operation in Iraq. Not long after, a television crew representing MTV did a piece on me. It aired on MTV's "TRUE LIFE" episode: "I live in Iraq" - they never aired my opinions about the 9/11 situation, even though I know they recorded it - this gave me insight the media white wash. Here I was, telling a so called reporter, that our WHOLE unit was ordered to put our gasmask into storage, while CNN is reporting that the hunt for WMD was still going strong. HELLO!!! BIG F'ING NEWS HERE! But no, they focused on their interest and not the hard, critical facts of the matter. Also during this time I was contacted by Michael Moore and was asked if I would do an interview for his Fahrenheit 911 movie - due to my patrolling schedule, I had to regretfully decline the interview... too bad because I would have dropped the proverbial on that documentary!

Now I'm a freedom fighter, except I do not fight with bullets anymore, I fight with words. I started an internet site call the American Underground (www.wachadoo.com/forum)and have been trying to spread the message of truth about 9/11. While in Iraq I printed flyers explaining the Patriot Act and the horrors of such a bill, they were tore down within hours and I realized that the majority of the military community is totally *beep* brainwashed. I spent hours upon hours speaking with people while we were on guard trying to enlighten the ignorant. It's not an easy task I know!

This is where you come in good sir, you have opened up millions of people's minds, and I’m sure. My own mother would not believe me about the "inside job" scenario, but now she has heard what you have said and she is becoming more interested in the truth! Good show old boy! Whoever gives you crap about what you are doing, they are ignorant, close minded or are enemies of the United States of America as described by the Constitution of the United States of America.

You are a true Patriot and as brave as any soldier who has faced the enemy - maybe even more so because you have such a huge career at stake.

Thank you sir for being REAL and not some fake, subordinate actor. You are a hero among heroes.

Thank you,

The American Underground


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