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Trey Parker and Matt Stone go on the record regarding their 9-11 truth South Park episode

911 Blogger | March 5, 2007

COMMENT: This solidifies Infowars' previous analysis that the South Park episode was an attempt to marginalizes 9/11 Truth to the TV watching public-- at a point when its momentum could not be expected to stop. It is just further evidence of simple tactics on the parts of magicians and cartoonists backing the official line by way of a 'check out this craziness/ retardedness' mentality that quickly calms ignorant sectors of the population.

Penn Jillette converses with Trey Parker and Matt Stone on his Free FM radio show. Pen, who has already denounced the 9-11 truth movement on his Showtime series Bullshit!, talks about the 9-11 "conspiracy nuts" and the problems they cause.

"We want people to go see how goofy and dumb these people are..."

These comments result in a straight answer from the creators of South Park about their feelings on 9-11 and the now famous 9-11 parody episode. They also mention the 911Truth.org t-shirt logo and their reasons for using it in the episode: "We want people to go see how goofy and dumb these people are..." They also concede the truth movement only seems to be growing and that it can't be stopped. I have no idea if this is their first public response to the episode; however, it is interesting to know the official stance on the subject from the kings of pop culture satire. The talk beings 0:11:45 into the show. This can be streamed from: http://penn.freefm.com/ or downloaded here: http://podcast.penn.freefm.com/penn/251794.mp3

I guess it was simply coincidence that they chose to plug 911Truth.org - one of the very few legitimate 9-11 resources. If they had it to do over again, I would assume they would opt for another source. I also think it safe to say they never researched the site before using it in their show... shame.

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