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New WTC Collapse Video Analysis Highlights Unmistakable Implosions
Squibs travel diagonally across tower well below collapse point

Prison Planet | July 23, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

A new video analysis of the collapse of the World Trade Center's south tower provides unmistakable evidence of implosions that trace a diagonal path across the building and appear well below the collapse point.

The video clip will be familiar to regular readers, it's apparently filmed by a firefighter and shows the collapse of the south tower viewed face on from the side on which Flight 175 struck the building.

The cameraman films half of the collapse of the building but turns to run as the debris begins to rain down.

Only when slowed to a quarter speed can the full import of the clip be appreciated.

The footage clearly shows a diagonal pattern of implosions where the central columns were severed easily before the collapse point reaches them.

The pattern of "squibs" that crisscross the tower are even more apparent when a color filter is added to the footage.

In another excellent recently compiled video analysis clip, the same footage along with a selection of others is also featured.


Conservative estimates put the collapse of the south tower at around 14 seconds, a rate of collapse that almost rivals freefall speed. Simple physics dictates that for a building to fall at near freefall speed, the resistance of the building below needs to be removed before the collapse point reaches it.

This could only have been achieved by means up explosives or incendiary devices, evidence of which is clearly noticeable in almost every WTC collapse video.

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