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Did thermite make WTC's plane-shaped holes?

Total 411 Info | January 25, 2007

Dr. A.K. Dewdney suggests an explanation for the way numerous 9-11 videos appear to show an aluminum airplane gliding into a steel and concrete building (From NoMoreGames.net Jan. 7):
"There is absolutely no question, should the perps have worrried that too much of the incoming aircraft would be left outside the tower, that the impact site could have been prepped with thermite and explosives to welcome the baby in with minimal fuss. In light of this alternative, one simply cannot make a claim of no planes without refuting the alternative, as well.
This is certainly a feasible option which should be explored by 9/11 researchers, particularly those who are not so credulous as Dewdney in taking the video record at face value. Simple crash physics dictates that no Boeing airliner made those cartoon cut-outs; but thermite is a likely culprit and would dovetail well with tests by Dr. Steven Jones (late of Brigham Young University), who claims to have found evidence of thermite in the remains of the WTC.

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