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U.S. Government Targetting Sick 9/11 Workers

RINF Alternative News | June 24, 2007
Mick Meaney

The U.S. government has yet again shown their complete lack of human compassion as they try to prevent three ground zero workers from getting the treatment they need for pulmonary diseases, liver and kidney problems - a result from tireless efforts to rescue victims of the attacks in New York on 9/11.

Three workers were denied treatment in the U.S. as insurance companies refused to pay for coverage.

The three had accompanied Michael Moore to Cuba and now state they are being targeted because of their involvement in Moore's latest film “Sicko”.

Reggie Cervantes, a 46 year old EMT who was among the first responders said: “It's ridiculous after what we did for the city and the country on that day, that they won't allow us to go 90 miles offshore to get treated.”

The three went to Cuba in March for medical treatment although a U.S. trade embargo restricts travel there. Moore accompanied them.

Moore received a letter in May from the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control stating that he was under investigation for travel violations.

The three heroes' have not received any such letters at present but are expecting them.

This is a complete outrage, how can those who are willing to give their lives to save others be treated in such a way by a government which is meant to serve and protect?

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