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  TruthMove launches direct action campaign in NYC

9/11 Blogger | November 3, 2006

Follow the link for their journal of past actions:


We take action to support our values by promoting insight.

TruthMove will be out on the streets of New York City conducting emergency public education nearly every Saturday afternoon, weather permitting. We will be at different locations each week talking to the public and distributing our flyers.

Our goal is to promote informed citizenship and the need for public skepticism and oversight by addressing issues such as 9/11 truth, environmental collapse, the war industry, false flag operations, election fraud, and media complicity in an urgent, respectful, and adaptive manner. We will also be going to a wide range of neighborhoods throughout NYC with the intention of reaching every demographic group, building a city wide presence, and expanding our cultural awareness.

Whether you are a movement veteran, or recent participant, TruthMove wants to encourage you to join us in our effort to educate the public. The experience is always educational and uplifting. Support far outweighs contention. And those who challenge us offer the opportunity to develop our ability to debate.

For those with interest, but less experience with the information or street action, we encourage you to come out with us, hand out flyers, and let us demonstrate for you positive and effective strategies for educating the public. If you would like to participate, please contact us and tell us about your interest and experience. And while you are here, have a look at our Action Guidelines , our Photo Gallery , and our journal of past actions below.

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