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Potential WTC7 Manslaughter Charges?

9/11 Blogger | February 13, 2007  

I previously wrote about the apparent death of Craig Miller from the demolition of WTC 7 . Because the link for the information no longer works, and so the info cannot be verified, I dug a little deeper to try to confirm or refute the story.

As reported by What Really Happened , a rescue worker said:

"...I'm on top of building 7 just pulling out rubbish. Pulled out a Port Authority cop at about 11 o'clock in the morning..."

Craig Miller was technically not a Port Authority police officer, but a Secret Service Officer . Therefore, either the rescue worker erroneously believed that Officer Miller was a Port Authority officer, or two people were killed by the demolition of WTC7.

Additionally, U.S. Congressman Otter believed that Officer Miller died when WTC7 collapsed:

"Building 7 of the World Trade Center housed a number of Federal Government offices, including the IRS, the EEOC, the Defense Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the New York field office of the United States Secret Service. The field office was destroyed on September 11 and, tragically, Master Special Officer Craig Miller lost his life when the building collapsed."

So several people -- an eyewitness rescue worker and a Congressman -- believed that someone died because of the demolition of WTC7 or rescue efforts in the debris. This, by itself, is not definitive proof.

This is a crucial issue because WTC7 was the most obvious demolition of all three of the buildings that were brought down on 9/11. If it can be confirmed that Officer Miller or a Port Authority officer died during the demolition of WTC7 or in subsequent rescue efforts in the rubble, then there might be a strong case of manslaughter against those who carried out the demolition.

Further research should be done on this issue to nail it down one way or the other.

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