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Danish Press: WTC 7 "had to be destroyed" on 9/11

Steve Watson / Prisonplanet | May 24 2006

According to an article today in Danish publication Ekstra Bladet, Building 7 was intentionally destroyed on September 11th. (See below for full translation)

Reporting on the re-opening of the new building 7, journalist Mikkel Selin reports that "The 52 floor skyscraper World Trade Center nr. 7 was so badly damaged from the terror attack in 2001, that it had to be destroyed."

These comments echo those of lease owner Larry Silverstein who said in a 2003 PBS documentary that on 9/11 he had made the decision to "pull" the building, a construction industry term meaning implode with explosives.

According the the official story Building 7 fell late in the afternoon on 9/11 due to fires within that had started when debris from the trade towers fell onto it.

We have consistently exposed how damage to 7 was minimal and the fires within were small and isolated. In addition the New York mayor's emergency command bunker was housed within the building on the 23rd floor and was designed to withstand fires that could burn for days.

Regardless of these facts it became only the third steel building in history to collapse from fire damage after the two towers.

The collapse of 7 is consistent with a controlled demolition and is one of the biggest smoking guns of 9/11 government complicity.

Silverstein has made billions in insurance money from the collapse of 7 and the two towers, yet he has admitted himself that he destroyed at least one of those buildings.

It would have taken weeks to lace the buildings with explosives, indicating that this had taken place prior to the attacks on September 11th.

Furthermore, destroying a building with explosives needs to be carefully planned in terms of containing possible pollutants and harmful toxins within the building materials.

Indeed, The vacant 41-story former Deutsche Bank AG building, that was much closer to the two towers but not owned by Silverstein, still stands at the site today because destroying it improperly would severely contaminate the area.

Full Translation of Ekstra Bladet article:

The 52 floor high skyscraper World Trade Center nr. 7 has been reconstructed.

The first rebuild skyscraper at Ground Zero in New York opened Tuesday to the sound of rock musician Lou Reed and Suzanna Vega, writes AP.

The 52 floor skyscraper World Trade Center nr. 7 was so badly damaged from the terror attack in 2001, that it had to be destroyed. Now it is again ready to have people move in, and the contractor, Larry Silverstein, expects that all offices in the building will be rented out in 2007.

- we have come along way, but we are still missing a lot, says Silverstein, who also was the man behind the construction of the building almost 20 years ago.

The construction of the 541 meter high Freedom tower, that will rise at the place where World Trade Cente´s Twin towers stood until the terror attack September 11. 2001, begun a month ago.



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