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There is no Terrorist Organization Called Al Qaida

Turkish Weekly | August 5, 2005
by Neşe Düzel & Gülçin Yati

Great terrorist attacks are experienced, which are forcing to change and shaking the balances, relationships even way of life, understanding and culture of the world. Al Qaida is the responsible of all these attacks. The attacks of that organization did not have a concrete aim or demand. How could an organization exist without being found?
Calls for Leading Muslim Cleric to resign and be prosecuted for saying "Al Qaeda does not exist"

Neşe Düzel from Radikal (a Turkish newspaper) asked this question and more on Al Qaida to Mahir Kaynak, a former academic and a former intelligence officer. He has suggested different and debateful views, which will be summarized in this article.

The significant argument of Mahir Kaynak is that there is no Al Qaida. According to him an organization should have an objective. The objective of Al Qaida is unknown or not clear. On the other hand other terrorist organizations like IRA and ETA has clear objectives and geographical areas that they conduct their attacks. They also have staff and an organizational structure. Al Qaida does not have any of these.

He furthermore set forth his claims on the none existence of Al Qaida. Against the claim that Al Qaida is targeting to establish a kind of Taliban rule all over the world he argued that it is impossible for Al Qaida to accomplish this target since it has neither power, nor staff nor supporter in Islam. Further more he argued that there is no Al Qaida. According to Kaynak, Al Qaida is the name of the operation carried out by an intelligence service, which is CIA…With this operation an anti-Islam front among the peoples of the world is tried to be created.

His answer to the question: What is expected from the creation of an anti-Islam front ? Is it also creative ? He argues that the current conflict in the world is not between the Islam and the West but between the global capital and the US. According to Kaynak, today there are two approaches on how the new order will be created. One is the approach of the global capital. The other is the approach of the US of Bush and Russia of Putin. The former is adopting the “Clash of Civilizations” thesis of Huntington. The latter is trying to base the new order on two camps like in the history, on one side the US and on the other side Russia…there is no power centers having political aims other than those in the world at the moment. Global capital has a plan for the future of the world. Global capital has a moderate Islam policy. It is trying to abolish the disputes between capitalism and Islam and to integrate Islam to the market economy…At that point the attacks of Al Qaida creates a massive anti Islam front in the world that without discriminating moderate or radical all Islam is perceived as “terrorist”. This is made by a western power center. It is trying to destroy the moderate Islam model of the global capital. Then the US is trying to use Al Qaida against the global capital, because the global capital is organized among Islam…there is integration among the capital in Saudi Arabia and global capital. The US wants eliminate this structure.

According to his conception of global capital, it is the group that does not own a factory, business or a company, just control and use the money. The money used by the people in finance sector is not limited to their own fortunes…today global capital is controlling trillions of dollar and is powerful as nation states…today the US government with Russia is trying to eliminate the power of global capital and Al Qaida is used against both Islam and global capital. However some claim that Usame Bin Ladin is fighting against the entire world in his cave.

According to Mahir Kaynak, CIA carries out the Al Qaida operation and Putin could be its partner or only knows about it. The group used in the operations is called Al Qaida. They are not organization. States are carrying out that terrorism. Decision makers in the US might have decided these, even Bush may not know.

Why not CIA makes the September 11 attacks? This is a very cheap war now and one side is shown as Al Qaida and the other is the entire world. This is very nonsense, because the attacks of the organization has great effects even it is reshaping the world but there is no traitors to the organization, money does not have any influence on it, no intelligence could be gathered about it. Why? Because there is no organization called Al Quaida.

On the organization of Al Qaida he thinks that 3 or 5 Muslims are used according to the project. Mostly the perpetrators are dieing. May be the perpetrator himself does not know about what he is going to do. It could be said to them that “take the bag and bring it over there” then the bomb in the bag is exploded by remote control. Here is the suicide bomber. On the other hand a person could not hide so long as Bin Ladin did, unless he is hidden by the intelligence agencies.

Moreover he thinks that through Al Qaida the West is trying to abolish the political characteristic of Islam, since it is identified with terrorism. In any case, in which you want to abolish a thought, the first thing you should do is to eviscerate it and then to make this movement solely activist. Today the West is doing the same against Islam.

Lastly for Mahir Kaynak Turkey is controlled by the global capital. Thus the government does not have good relations with the US.

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