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Sydney installs terrorism-alert speakers

Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Dozens of loudspeakers have been installed around Sydney's CBD to tell people what to do in the event of a major emergency like a terrorist attack.

New South Wales Police Minister David Campbell says the system is part of the Government's counter-terrorism initiatives announced two years ago and should be operational for next month's APEC summit.

Mr Campbell says the speakers can be used to deliver a range of messages to people in the city.

"If there were a terrorist event or a major building fire and there were people in the streets, this is a way of giving them information," Mr Campbell said.

"But equally, if there are a lot of people in the city, for example after New Year's Eve celebrations, it's a means of communicating with those people and saying, look you might be better to move from Circular Quay Station to Martin Place or Wynyard to get that train," he said.

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