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Bottles found by motorway examined for terror plan link

Jason Bennetto / London Independent | September 15 2006

Bottles of liquid found close to the M40 motorway were being examined by explosives officers last night to discover whether they are part of an alleged plot to blow up transatlantic airliners.

Anti-terrorist police are investigating any links between the bottles, which were found by a group of youngsters, and other alleged bomb-making equipment found nearby at High Wycombe last month.

Police and MI5 claimed to have uncovered an alleged plot to smuggle liquid explosives on to US bound airliners and blow up the aircraft. Sixteen men and women have been charged in connection with the alleged terror plan.
The suspicious items were found on Wednesday night in woodland close to the eastbound carriageway between junctions 3 and 4. The woodland, called Booker Common, has already been searched by officers investigating the alleged plot.

A police spokesman said: "Explosives officers attended the scene as a precautionary measure."

One lane of the eastbound M40 motorway, close to High Wycombe, was temporarily closed while a search of the area was carried out.



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