Where did Osama Bin Laden hide the suitcase nukes in America?
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Where did Osama Bin Laden hide the suitcase nukes in America?

India Daily | Jul. 13, 2005
By Balaji Reddy

Osama Bin Laden gathered these nukes in 1996 and after from the Russians and many other sources. He is hiding these nukes in America. This is what is being spread by certain parts of the right wing media in America. The biggest question now is if these reports are really true where are those nukes. The same right wing media few months back spread rumors that Iranians have developed technology to create massive explosions in the space to destabilize the satellite networks of America and thus bring US technology infrastructure to its knees.

Scaring people against terrorists is an excellent profession these days in the Western world. It brings votes, Internet traffic, and political contributions. Advertisements, loyal site visitors and more. But where are those nukes? And that is the biggest question every American is asking especially after the London Bombing.

Now another set of rumor spreading fast in America is that Soviets during cold war did hide plenty of nukes in America. Osama Bin Laden is trying to find these hidden nukes so that he can detonate these to create havoc of catastrophic proportion.

Some American Legislators are now ready to take the matter to the American Government to clarify if any of this scary stuff is true.

911:  The Road to Tyranny

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911:  The Road to Tyranny