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iPod sparks terror scare in Ottawa

Nick Farrell / The Inquirer | August 29 2006

NEVER MIND snakes on planes, the biggest risk to aircraft is World of Warcraft players accidentally flushing their iPods down the toilets.
A suspicious package was found in an aircraft bog on a flight from Chicago on Tuesday afternoon, the plane landed safely and was isolated away from the terminal.

The official line was that passengers were taken off the plane and questioned by police. Experts investigated the 'package', which turned out to be an iPod.

But the real story is in the detail which the iPod’s owner has cheerfully provided here. Apparently, it all started when he went to the bog and dropped his iPod down the loo. The reassuringly expensive machine blocked the pipe. The iPod’s owner, who goes by the monika of ‘stupid’ on the WoW site said that he was not even aware that he had dropped the iPod until a stewardess started to make a bit of a panic about it.

He sheepishly told the stewardesses what had happened, but they had apparently already told the authorities. The pilot came on and told everyone that staff had found a suspicious device in the bog and the plane will be landing at Ottawa.

When he got off the plane he confessed everything to a copper and was frisked from head to toe. Then he was asked why he didn’t have a job and what was he doing in Canada. Stupid told them he was on the way to visit a friend he met on World of Warcraft. Then he had to explain the concept of online gaming and ‘guilds’ to them and how these really were not terror cells. It went downhill from there.




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