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Letter bomb injures DVLA worker

BBC | February 7, 2007

A woman has been injured by a letter bomb which exploded at the main DVLA centre in South Wales, police say.
The attack, which happened around 0930 GMT, is the third of its kind on motoring-related companies this week.

Police said the latest blast happened in the post room of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Swansea. The victim's condition is stable.

Kent police are also investigating a letter bomb which injured a man after it was sent to his Folkestone home.

An accountancy firm in Berkshire was targeted on Tuesday, and the central London offices of Capita on Monday.

A South Wales Police spokeswoman said the woman had been injured in "a small letter-type explosion" at about 0923 GMT and had been taken to hospital.

In a statement, Morriston NHS Trust, said: "She is undergoing treatment at the present time and has been assessed by a consultant. Her condition is stable."

A cordon has been put in place around the scene and access roads have been closed.

But police said the DVLA building and surrounding areas had not been evacuated so far.


It is the third letter bomb attack in three consecutive days and detectives are now investigating whether they are linked.

On Tuesday a package exploded at the Berkshire offices of an accountancy firm linked to Speed Check Services, based in Camberley, Surrey, the provider of digital speed cameras to the police.

That followed a letter bomb attack the day before at the central London offices of Capita, which runs London's congestion charge system.

John O'Connor, a former Metropolitan Police commander, said that whoever was behind the attacks seemed to know what they were doing.

It was a person "of reasonably high intelligence" because of the required skill in making the devices, he said.

"This, for me, has got all the hallmarks of somebody that has become deranged over something."


Home Secretary John Reid described the incidents as "worrying".

But he added: "It is important we allow police to get on with their investigation without undue speculation."

Nigel Humphries, from the Association of British Drivers, told BBC Radio Five Live he was "appalled" by what appeared to be linked attacks.

"In fact, it makes us feel a bit guilty that we haven't campaigned hard enough on the legitimate front against the things that we oppose, to do with criminalising and bullying motorists, and because of our failure to campaign hard enough, somebody's had to resort to this."

Alun Cairns, Welsh Conservative Assembly Member for South Wales West, sent his "sympathy and best wishes" to the injured DVLA worker.

He said he planned to set up meetings with the DVLA, police and staff to discuss "protecting personnel in the workplace".

The DVLA maintains registers of drivers and vehicles.

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