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Surprise! Foiled Liberty City Terror Plotter Was Working For Feds
Master G.J.G Atheea Was Alleged Spiritual Adviser FBI Later Used Him As An Informant

CBS4 News | July 18, 2006
By Brian Andrews

DOWNTOWN MIAMI CBS-4 News has learned a person targeted by the FBI early on in the investigation into the so-called Liberty City Seven had a falling out with the group and became a government informant weeks before the feds made arrests in the case.

Court records obtained by CBS4's Brian Andrews say Master G.J.G. Atheea, a "Moses" like figure who wears dark glasses and carries a wooden staff, was accused ring leader Narseal Batiste's spiritual guide. After a falling out with the group, Atheea became an FBI informant,

The FBI originally picked Atheea on wiretaps saying he was joining forces with Batiste in his mission to create a Moorish nation. In his conversations with Atheea, Batiste once again brought up the topic of the Princess cruise ship that caught on fire earlier this year. In that recorded conversation, Atheea responded, “That ain’t nothing compared to what divine father got laid up for us,” suggesting he may have known about Batiste’s plans to blow up the Sears tower.

By April 27th, Atheea had gone to the FBI with the news of the possible terrorist threat to the US.

He told agents how Batiste had formed an alliance with an "Arabian Mafia" to provide weapons and other sources for a terror attack on the US. On May 16th, the FBI sent Atheea to meet with Batiste. During that meeting, Batiste told Atheea that he never said that he had acquired weapons from the mafia, but that he was told they could provide any resources he needed to complete his mission.

Weeks later, the group fell apart, with only a few members siding with Batiste in his alleged plans. That's when the FBI moved in and made arrests in the case.

Master G.J.G. Atheea has not been charged in the case and it's not known whether he will be a witness for the Government. He declined to speak to CBS4 about his involvement in the case on camera, offering a rambling hand-written statement about his group's beliefs instead of any firm information about his involvement.



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