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More police to get dirty bomb training

London Telegraph | December 29, 2006
Richard Holt

Thousands more police are to be given special training and equipment to deal with a potential chemical, biological or nuclear terror attack.

A Government spokeman insisted the move was not in response to any specific threat, but "part of an ongoing process".

The Home Office is to buy 12,000 personal protection suits for the event of a dirty bomb attack.

Around 7,000 police officers across the UK are currently trained to deal with an attack, representing about five per cent of the total number of officers.

The new, high-tech suits will be used over the next few years to replace the 7,000 currently in use, and to make available an extra 5,000 to existing police officers.

A Home Office spokesman said the move would mean an increase in the number of officers trained to deal with an attack, but would not say exactly how many.

Companies are being invited to bid for the contract to supply the chemical protection suits. The contract is being advertised on the Official Journal of the European Union website.

The Association of Chief Police Officers said that the purchase of the suits was "part of a sensible, planned investment programme".

"It's significant in terms of what we need and what is being planned for," a spokesman said.


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