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India arrests fourth suspect in Mumbai blasts

Reuters | July 24, 2006

MUMBAI - Indian police have arrested a fourth man on suspicion of involvement in the Mumbai serial blasts that killed more than 180 people earlier this month, a senior officer said on Monday.

Tanvir Ansari, a doctor of traditional Indian medicine and resident of Mumbai, was picked up by the crime branch of city's police late on Sunday, police inspector Sunil Deshmukh said.

"We have arrested him on suspicion, for further interrogation. He has undergone training in Pakistan," Deshmukh said.

Handcuffed and with a black hood covering his face, Ansari was escorted by police through a crowd of television reporters to a court in central Mumbai to hear the 11 charges against him.

They include murder and violation of laws relating to explosives and the railways. He was remanded to police custody until August 4.

Three men, all Indian Muslims, were arrested last week for their alleged role in the rush-hour blasts which ripped through first class carriages of Mumbai's commuter trains and platforms.

The chief of Mumbai's anti-terrorism squad said authorities believed Ansari had gone to Pakistan in 2004 where he learned how to make bombs and the use of arms and ammunition.

"He is one of the key conspirators and we are assessing his role," K.P. Raghuvanshi told reporters, hinting information obtained from the four suspects could result in more arrests in the coming days.

"We don't want to hurry up the process of arresting people since it is a sensitive case," he added.

Investigators say Pakistan-based Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistani military spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence were the prime suspects in the case.

Islamabad has rejected the charges as unsubstantiated and offered to help New Delhi in the investigations.



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