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Pat Robertson's Doomsday Conversation With God

Prison Planet | January 5, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Pat's busy once again doing the bidding of his new world order masters, recycling fearmongering propaganda that you're all going to die when in actual fact peanuts kill more Americans than terrorists.

If Pat's so pally with the Lord then why didn't he mention a city so everyone could avoid this catastrophe? That's not the purpose, Robertson is pandering to his withering apocalyptic evangelical base while turning droves of young people away from real Christianity and the message that Jesus represents.

"If that's God, I want nothing to do with it."

Thanks Pat, you ****ing moron.

FLASHBACK: If Anyone's Satanic It's Pat Robertson

Check out Pat's previous predictions, in comparison he makes Nostradamus look accurate. The televangelist that cried wolf.




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