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Official: Fake NFL threat competition between two men

CNN | October 20 2006

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A law enforcement official told CNN that a man has admitted he posted a fake bomb threat against National Football League stadiums in major U.S. cities as part of an Internet competition with a person in Texas to create the scariest terror scenario possible.

The official told CNN that it's too early to say whether the man will be charged.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security had earlier determined that the threat was a hoax, FBI spokesman Richard Kolko told CNN Thursday.

Earlier Thursday, the FBI interviewed and released a 20-year-old Milwaukee, Wisconsin, man after his friend came forward with information about the online posting of a threat against NFL stadiums.

An FBI source told CNN that agents do not believe the man has any connections to terrorism, but do believe he was involved in making the threat.

The DHS this week sent an advisory to the National Football League and local officials describing a possible uncorroborated threat against some NFL stadiums.

The threat, posted on a Web site, alleged that bombs could be used this weekend against stadiums in New York; Miami, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Seattle, Washington; Houston, Texas; Oakland, California; and Cleveland, Ohio. The posting said the bombs were to be delivered by truck.

The DHS said earlier the posting was not considered credible, and that the information was being shared only out of caution so that league officials and others could determine what steps to take.



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