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Terror bombs explode on Tour de France route

Daily Mail | July 25, 2007

Comment: Imagine if Muslims had exploded bombs at a major Western sports event - the media would go ape and everyone would be freaking out about it for weeks, just as they did with the "car bomb" non-events in Britain last month - but if it can't be lumped on "Al-Qaeda" no one cares. Back in January, ETA bombed Madrid airport and it barely even made the news.

FLASHBACK: Terror's Trivial When It's Not Muslims

Two explosions believed to be terrorist bombs have disrupted the Tour de France's Spanish leg.

The devices went off after a bomb threat was received from a caller claiming to represent Basque separatist rebels ETA.

No one was hurt and the race was not called off after the explosions, which came after the caller told a highway authority that ETA had planted several bombs along the route of the Tour de France through the Spanish region of Navarre.

The race had already passed through the area when the blasts occurred, it said.

No police or government officials were immediately available for comment.

ETA, which has killed more than 800 people in four decades of armed struggle for traditional Basque lands in northern Spain and southern France, called off a ceasefire in June.

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