Homeland security sting
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Homeland security sting

News 10 Now | July 28, 2005
By Carmen Grant

Several businesses in Central New York were tested by the Department of Homeland Security in an undercover anti-terrorism drill.

One of the exercises took place at Hanson Aggregates at the Jamesville Quarry. The scenario placed two undercover agents as customers wanting to buy dynamite. They were turned away because they didn't have the proper credentials.

Area law enforcement officials involved in the exercise say this is an example of how the public can help deter terrorists.

"The average person still can be vigilant. If you notice a chance in activity in your neighborhood, you see strangers video taping a bridges, waterways. You need to notify your local authorities," says Joseph Snell of the Cicero Police.

Federal officials will analyze the results of the drills. A report is expected in the Fall.

911:  The Road to Tyranny

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911:  The Road to Tyranny