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Ratcheting up the fear
On the subconscious level this creates the perception that you've actually been attacked

KTUL | July 14, 2005
By Bill Mitchell

Tulsa - As we all know, terrorists can strike anywhere. To get ready, the health department put on a huge bioterrorism drill Thursday morning. It was Tulsa's first bioterrorism drill.

Hundreds of people are all waiting for a disaster. At straight up nine o'clock Thursday morning, they weren't disappointed. Tulsa was hit with pneumonic plague, which the health department says is a very likely outbreak here.

Memorie Montgomery volunteered with her three daughters.

"They're excited," she says. "They get to make up names. Do any of you have a fever?"

When they were told to board the bus and go to the fairgrounds, we overheard one of the girls say, with some sadness in her voice, I thought we were going to the fair.

At the fairgrounds, they worked hard to make sure the terrorism drill was as realistic as possible. Right in the middle of it, they had a real disaster.

"We had an individual who was here on the site, one of the health care workers from the health department and they were overcome from the heat," says Sergeant Willie Lewis.

That worker is okay. Finally, the all important medications arrive.

"Okay I'm going to need 3 adult citros, and one child citro."

"There was a lot of waiting," says volunteer Susan Casteel. "But, that's going to happen. But, we drove all the way from Owasso to help."

Now, when it happens for real, a lot more people will be prepared.

Now, the Centers For Disease Control will let Tulsa know how it did on the drill. That way, they can work on doing even better the next time.



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