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U.S. asks court to hold alleged Cuban airline bomber

Reuters | October 5 2006

Comment: Behind every Bush there's a terrorist and this mass murderer has been protected by Poppy since the 60's.

FLASHBACK: Chavez Slams U.S. Protection Of CIA Plane Bomber Posada At UN

EL PASO, Texas (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department filed objections on Thursday to a U.S. court's proposal to free an anti-Castro militant accused of bombing a Cuban airliner in 1976, killing 73 people.

The U.S. government had until Thursday to respond to Magistrate Norbert Garney's finding last month that Luis Posada Carriles, 79, a naturalized Venezuelan originally from Cuba, must be freed because the United States has not labeled him a terrorist and has not been able to find a friendly country to take him.

Posada, detained by U.S. immigration since 2005 for illegally crossing the border into Texas from Mexico, has become a political hot potato for the Bush Administration because Cuba and Venezuela have declared Posada a terrorist.




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