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Media Ignores Cheney 'Smoking Gun'
A 28-gauge shotgun fired at 30 yards is too weak to cause Whittington's injuries

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | February 15 2006

Amidst the swirl of outrage, obfuscation and wisecracking, one fundamental flaw in the White House's Cheney shooting story remains. How can a 28-gauge shotgun fired from supposedly 30 yards away cause pellets to become lodged in someone's heart?

How can a weapon that has little more power than a kids BB gun fire projectiles that in most cases don't penetrate further than an inch into a bird's breast and yet in this instance tore through a hunting vest, clothes underneath, the chest cavity and into the muscle of Whittington's heart?

Alex Jones has been bird hunting on countless occasions and considers himself an expert. Alex says that it is simply impossible for such a weak shotgun to cause such damage from 30 yards . Alex has used shotguns that are more powerful than the 28-gauge and seen pellets literally bounce off birds and only stun them. It is common practice for birds to be stunned as a result of the pellets not penetrating and it is usually necessary to have to snap the neck to finish them off.

The only explanation that fits the nature of Whittington's injuries is that Cheney's gun discharged at extremely close range.

The most fundamental basics of gun safety are that you don't point loaded weapons at people, you point them down at the ground and keep them very carefully under control.

As others have speculated it is likely that Cheney was drunk and he dropped the weapon, causing it to discharge and pepper Whittington at close range. Cheney refused to talk to local police until the next day and the Secret Service made sure the authorities had no access to him. This tells us that Cheney considers himself to be above the law.

If any other US citizen shot someone in the face would the police be happy to wait 14 hours before talking to them?

The media seems to be focusing on the delay in reporting the original incident and the White House cover-up of the fact that Whittington had a heart attack. These are important issues but why are no questions being asked about the incompatibility between the official story and the injuries sustained by Whittington?



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