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House Judiciary Cmte. Meeting on Downing Street Memo and Iraq War

C-Span | June 16 2005

Hopefully this meeting is just the beginning. The Neo-Cons will desperately try to spin it as a partisan issue as it's being prominently fronted by Democrats. Even pro-draft Rangel turned up. You need to encourage your REPUBLICAN representatives to get involved in this for it to gain any traction.

The best moment is when Ray McGovern reminds the press lapdogs of how they laughed along with George Bush when he joked about missing weapons of mass destruction at a speaking dinner. Not so funny for the 1700 American soldiers and their families who died for the lie of WMD.


WH Press Secretary Mocks 'Downing Street Memo'

The secret Downing Street memo

Associated Press Finally Cover Downing Street Memo

Bush's Iraq WMDs joke backfires


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