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JFK Conspirator Wanted Every Kennedy Dead
E. Howard Hunt wanted to "finish the job" by killing Senator Ted Kennedy, greeted news of RFK's assassination with satisfaction

Prison Planet | May 15, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

JFK assassination conspirator E. Howard Hunt wanted to "finish the job" by killing Senator Ted Kennedy and greeted news of Robert Kennedy's murder with satisfaction , according to his son Saint John Hunt.

E. Howard Hunt was a former veteran CIA agent and one of the infamous Watergate plumbers, he died in January 2007.

Saint John Hunt recently went public with an audio tape containing his father's deathbed admission that he was part of a conspiracy to kill JFK that was orchestrated by Lyndon Baines Johnson. Hunt agreed that others above LBJ were involved in the plot.

Appearing on The Alex Jones Show yesterday, Hunt dropped new bombshell revelations about his father's role in the murder of JFK as well as intriguing insights into his attitude as a whole towards the Kennedy family.

E. Howard Hunt

"One of the things he liked to say around the house was 'let's finish the job - let's hit Ted (Kennedy)'" said Hunt, referring to the 75-year-old Massachusetts Senator.

"In the context that JFK had already been removed, RFK was gone and his motto was 'let's finish the job'," added Hunt, elaborating that whenever Ted Kennedy appeared on TV or in the newspaper his father would smirk and wish to see him dead.

In addition, Saint John Hunt said that his father greeted the news of Bobby Kennedy's assassination with satisfaction.

"He was glad that it happened, he felt no sadness," said Hunt, "the rest of the nation was in a deep state of horror, tragedy, shock, disbelief and sadness and my father was just very cold about it - he was very composed, he was certainly not disturbed by it."

"When the news came over the television, he was pleased - it was a good day for him - we grew up hating Kennedy so if this was one less Kennedy the country was going to have to deal with it was a good thing," added Hunt.

Hunt agreed that his father's description of his role in the plot to kill Kennedy as a "benchwarmer" meant that he wasn't one of the shooters but was intricately involved in the management aspects of the conspiracy.

Some have claimed that E. Howard Hunt couldn't have been involved at Dealy Plaza because he had alibis at the time that said he was at home at the time of the assassination.

"I don't have any recollection of my father being home that day," said Hunt, "I know he used his children as an alibi - I have a vivid recollection, school was closed and we were sent home where I waited in my house with my mother for what to do next."

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"As far as my father going to a Chinese grocery store and picking up ingredients for a home cooked Chinese meal and having dinner with his children and watching television - that's not my recollection," said Hunt.

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