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L.I. Students Arrested Over Gun Threat

NY Times | May 11, 2005

A 17-year-old boy threatened to shoot a Long Island high school student yesterday, then, carrying a loaded semi-automatic rifle, followed the school bus carrying the student to a track meet, the authorities said.

The 17-year-old, Rashad Heyward, of Amityville, was arrested and charged with criminal possession of a weapon, menacing and having a loaded rifle in a vehicle, according to a statement from the Suffolk County Police Department. Michael F. Willis, also of Amityville, was charged with the same counts, the police said, because he drove Mr. Heyward as they followed the bus.

The drama unfolded yesterday afternoon when members of the Amityville Memorial High School track team boarded a bus for a meet at Miller Place High School. A student who had been involved in a dispute with a friend of Mr. Heyward's earlier in the day said he noticed Mr. Heyward and Mr. Willis get into a car that began following the bus. The student said he was concerned because after the dispute Mr. Heyward called him and threatened to shoot him.

As the bus drove along Sunrise Highway, the police said, the student received a call from an acquaintance who said Mr. Heyward had threatened to shoot him. Realizing that the car carrying Mr. Heyward was still behind the bus, the student told his coach and called 911.

The coach gave directions to the police, who pulled over Mr. Willis and Mr. Heyward in Patchogue, found the rifle inside and arrested them, the authorities said.

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