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Infowars | April 25, 2006

Dear Alex,


Steve Watson is right in decrying the music industry’s failure to sing out against the “unconscionable actions of the criminal elite.”  But he’s wrong in saying that “no one else within the music industry has had the guts to pen such a brazen personal attack on Bush and the Neocons” as has Neil Young.
For years, the Raging Grannies have been singing out against stolen elections, against the war, against military recruitment, against the PATRIOT Act, against corporatocracy and the Neo-cons….
Many of our songs can be heard on a recently-released CD titled “Songs of a Raging Granny,” which contains an even dozen hard-hitting songs with lyrics like these:
Follow the money to see why this war was long-planned.
Follow the money, and then we will all understand.
Follow the money – it leads to the White House front door!
They’ve gone and bombed the Iraqis so Halliburton can get more.
Or how about:
Glory, glory Hallelujah!
We’re dropping bombs on poor Fallujah!
We’ll kill you all until you have democracy like ours!
Our bombs will set you free!
Information about our CD can be found at http://www.dynamicmusic.com/rochesterraginggrannies/
I hope you will pass along this information to Steve Watson, as I cannot find a link to him on your web page.
Yours in peace,

Granny Vicki Ryder



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