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Pray for Fox news, want war dissenters in gas chambers

Infowars.net | July 17, 2007
Steve Watson

A recent exposé in the London Independent, when stripped of its heavily lefty leaning bias, has provided a stark picture of neocon worshippers in America today as a bunch of bigoted wannabe elites who have swallowed whole the mantra of the Bush cabal and now believe that real conservatism consists of invading every oil producing country in the world and killing American citizens who protest.

Johann Hari's recent article , while being laced with overly liberal padding, contains at its heart a detailed picture of the fallout of the neoconservative hijacking of America in the 21st century.

Hari, reporting from the annual cruise organised by the staunchly neocon publication the 'National Review', details casual comments made by attendees that highlight how the self made reality of right wing lobbyists and elites has filtered through to a bandwagon of greasy ladder climbing yuppies who consider total servitude and worship of the globalist run government to be the key to a strong and healthy American society.

Some of the highlights of the article follow:

I lie on the beach with Hillary-Ann, a chatty, scatty 35-year-old Californian designer. As she explains the perils of Republican dating, my mind drifts, watching the gentle tide. When I hear her say, " Of course, we need to execute some of these people," I wake up. Who do we need to execute? She runs her fingers through the sand lazily. "A few of these prominent liberals who are trying to demoralise the country," she says. "Just take a couple of these anti-war people off to the gas chamber for treason to show, if you try to bring down America at a time of war, that's what you'll get." She squints at the sun and smiles. " Then things'll change."

Hillary-Ann and many others like her may get her wish should the Michael Chertoff's "gut feeling" and the other daily warnings that there is going to be a major terror attack turn out to be accurate.

Hari also discovers that many of these mindless fools cannot get enough of their daily neocon media brainwashing and literally worship the mouthpieces that deliver it to them:

To my right are two elderly New Yorkers who look and sound like late-era Dorothy Parkers, minus the alcohol poisoning. They live on Park Avenue, they explain in precise Northern tones... One of the Park Avenue ladies declares that she gets on her knees every day to "thank God for Fox News".

Some are less happy with Fox news however, take Robert Bork, Ronald Reagan's one-time nominee to the Supreme Court, who is clearly unhappy with the unbalanced reporting on Fox: [Bork] mumbles from beneath low-hanging jowls: "The coverage of this war is unbelievable. Even Fox News is unbelievable. You'd think we're the only ones dying. Enemy casualties aren't covered. We're doing an excellent job killing them."

Hari also details low ranking CFR member, editor of Commentary , and arch neocon Norman Podhoretz's comments on the Iraq war as he declares that it has been "an amazing success":

He waves his fist and declaims: "There were WMD, and they were shipped to Syria ... This picture of a country in total chaos with no security is false. It has been a triumph. It couldn't have gone better." He wants more wars, and fast. He is "certain" Bush will bomb Iran, and " thank God" for that.... He goes on to insist that "nobody was tortured in Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo" and that Bush is "a hero".

Another cruiser who laughably considers himself to be a traditional American conservative states:

"The civilised countries should invade all the oil-owning places in the Middle East and run them properly. We won't take the money ourselves, but we'll manage it so the money isn't going to terrorists."

Among various other ridiculous declarations that Al Qaeda is taking over the world and that all Muslims are terrorists, the crux of the piece lies in the following statement:

There is something strange about this, and it takes me a few moments to realise exactly what it is. All the tropes that conservatives usually deny in public that Iraq is another Vietnam, that Bush is fighting a class war on behalf of the rich are embraced on this shining ship in the middle of the ocean. Yes, they concede, we are fighting another Vietnam; and this time we won't let the weak-kneed liberals lose it. The writer Dinesh D'Souza... says, in a swift shift to domestic politics, "of course" Republican politics is "about class. Republicans are the party of winners, Democrats are the party of losers."

Though Hari wrongly labels these neocon worshippers as "conservatives" it is telling that he discovers that they consider themselves to be "joining the winning team". They know deep down that true American values are being obliterated but have decided to embrace what is being offered to them instead. Trapped in a false left/right paradigm and failing to see that there is only one "team" that they cannot join, in reality these people are looked upon as nothing more than useful idiots by the elite masters they pander to.

Meanwhile real conservatives such as presidential candidate Ron Paul, whose whole campaign is structured around reigning in big government, restoring the Republic at home and abruptly halting military interventionism abroad, are looked upon by these twisted neocon underlings as traitors who hate America and should be gassed to death.

Renowned and trusted conservatives such as Paul Craig Roberts and even Ron Paul himself are now desperately trying to warn the American people that this administration has been hijacked and is willing to use false flag terror events to bring about the end of the Republic. They urge an instant restoration of the American constitutional system.

The false conservatives however continue to tell us that we must give up our liberties and support the expansion of government power to monolithic proportions.

This is the reality of the greatest threat to freedom in America in the 21st Century and what we must move to combat if liberty is to win out. To these soulless followers of the globalist elite, war is the new peace, slavery is the new freedom, ignorance is the new strength and blind worship of tyranny is the new conservatism.


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