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NRA Endorses Gun Control Democrat, Lies About Ron Paul's Record

Jones Report | November 1, 2006
By Kevin Smith

Any doubt the NRA isn't a shill organization, have now been removed for all to see.  The recent B rating given to Dr. Ron Paul (R) TX -14th District, is an outrage.  According to the NRA's website as well as his challenger, Rep. Ron Paul's "B" rating indicates past votes for restrictive legislation.  This is a blatant lie!  When asked for the rating criteria, the NRA said they didn't publish one.  According to Penny Langford Freeman, an aide to Congressman Paul, the lowered rating appears to be payback for Congressman Paul's opposition to the NRA's compromise gun locks legislation, which was added to a clean firearms manufacturer's protection bill. 

On the other hand, Gun Owners of America, as well as other leading gun rights groups, rate Rep. Paul with an A+.  When executive director of GOA, Larry Pratt was informed of what the NRA was doing, he was quick to come to the aide of the Texas congressman.

Larry Pratt went on to relate that from the time Ron Paul got to Congress in 1976 he has been the staunchest of defenders of the 2nd Amendment.  From his first days in Congress trying to use a constitutional remedy, the ‘One House Veto' to return residents of Washington D.C. their gun rights, to the continual moans of his own Republican party, “Oh here we go again” every time he try's to strike down existing gun laws.  Pratt continued “This is a guy who's the real deal”, “let's get behind Ron Paul! He's been behind us”.   When asked how GOA rated the challenger Shane Sklar, Mr. Pratt said “he didn't return the form, which is a very bad sign”.

Young Mr. Sklar, whose main battle cry is that the incumbent doesn't bring home enough pork, is out of step, a relic that can't work the system for his constituents.  Ignored and irrelevant, is the claim directed at the most principled person in Washington.  Congressman Paul's bills are now being recognized by many around the country as necessary to saving this country. 

A new wrinkle has been added with the fake ratings by the NRA, now Mr. Sklar has launched a new campaign site emphasizing the fact that he's an avid hunter and fisherman.  We all know this line “I support the gun rights of sportsman and hunters”, says Mr. Sklar.  Versus something that the Statesman, Ron Paul would say, “the Second Amendment is not about hunting or your right to shoot skeet”.

We need all men and women who believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, regardless of political affiliations to come to the aid of the last great statesman of the United States of America, veteran, doctor, and scholar; Congressman Ron Paul.

We are in the midst of a detailed investigation into Shane Sklar, he's a registered lobbyist here in Texas.  With ethics violations swirling around, his ties to Big Agra and organizations pushing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) are very troubling; he has all the earmarks of being the corrupt establishment's boy.

Here are a few facts from sources here in Texas:

-Shane Sklar is: He is a registered lobbyist with ethics violations recorded with the TEC

-He has about $150k in personal debt according to his FEC report and he just turned 30 this year.

-Pelosi had a fundraiser for him in DC in July

-He had never been in the military though he says that he is pro military.(he's still young enough to enlist)

-He says that he is a farmer/rancher though he just borrowed money from his mother to invest in his family farm this year.

-His family has ties to oil.

-He is for amnesty(though he says that the illegals need to pay a fine and go to the back of the line, not be deported or prosecuted for breaking the law.)

-He says that he wants more money for farmers, roads, military, but yet wants to balance the budget.

More to come soon.

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