Gallup Finds Bush Approval Rating at New Low
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Gallup Finds Bush Approval Rating at New Low

Editor and Publisher | July 20 2005

Bush received a tiny bump in popularity immediately following the London attacks and now his approval rating is falling once again. Bush and Blair alike are power junkies, and like heroin addicts, they will do whatever it takes to get their next Al-Qaeda fix.

NEW YORK A Gallup poll analysis released today finds President Bush's job approval rating at the lowest of his presidency and, at 47.4%, below 50% for only the second time.

This compares to the following at the same point in their time in office: Eisenhower 63.6%, Reagan 58.7%, Clinton 56.3, Truman 48.7%, Nixon 44% (during Watergate) and Johnson 42% (at a low point in the Vietnam war).

By Gallup's chart, Bush's current rating is 171st out of 236 for any quarter of a year, going back to Truman in the White House.

“Broadly speaking,” Gallup comments, “presidents who have had similar quarterly averages to Bush's most recent one did not show much improvement going forward…

“Clearly, Bush is off to an inauspicious start to his second term in office. He had average a 62% approval rating during his first term in office."



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911:  The Road to Tyranny