Photo and video of a suicide by gunshot to the head
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Photo and video of a suicide by gunshot to the head

What Really Happened | December 16, 2004

Yes, this is the video described in the Feb 9th 1998 issue of TIME magazine.


This is a very graphic photo and video of a man who, in the middle of a press conference resulting from his conviction on corruption charges, pulls out a gun, sticks it in his mouth, and pulls the trigger.

This is provided for educational purposes only relating to the Vincent Foster affair and is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN.

So why have such a horror here?

Because the photograph of Vincent Foster's hand does not show a single speck of blood anywhere in the image. Not a drop of blood can be seen on the gun, hand, or white sleeve of Foster's shirt.

In addition, the FBI reported on page 10 of its may 9, 1994 report that chemical tests conducted on the gun failed to find blood.



Needless to say, the behavior of a high pressure cloud of proellent gases, blood and organic matter are governed by the laws of physics. Nevertheless, certain Clinton supporters have tried to insist that there is no reason to expect that a gunshot fired into the mouth would result in any splattering at all. As can be seen by the following video, such is clearly not the case.

There is another aspect the the below video. Note that after firing the shot, the man's heart does indeed continue to beat, spewing large amounts of blood from his mouth and nose. Medical texts and the descriptions from the French Revolution confirm that the heart will continue to beat after the brain is destroyed for as long as their is oxygenated blood to feed it. This is why head trauma victims are the primary source of donor hearts for transplants.

When the brain is destroyed, as is illustrated by the video, the heart continues to beat, pumping large volumes of blood out of the wounds and onto the surrounding environment and clothing.

In contrast, Foster was found with very litle blood coming from his mouth, described by the Park Police and the "confidential witness" at the scene as a "trickle".

This is an indication that the headshot might have been administered post-mortem to Vincent Foster; that he was already dead of other means, his heart already stopped , when a gun was fired into his mouth by person or persons unknown.

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Here is the video, presented as a reference to understand what would have happened to Vincent Foster in the event of a genuine suicide as claimed by the government.

Suicide Video (6.8 Mb MPEG format)

Suicide Video (Quicktime format)


Bud Dwyer shot himself with a .357 magnum, a round virtually identical in size to the .38 cartridge which fit the revolver Vincent Foster supposedly shot himself with.

Frame 112 Frame 113
Frame 114 Frame 115

Yes, the .357 is far more powerful, but the key question is just how much of that energy would couple to the target (Mr. Dwyer) versus how much would be expended external to the target (in the case of Mr. Dwyer the ceiling overhead).

Mitigating the added energy of the Bud Dwyer .357 is the fact that he used fully jacketed ammunition, which retards expansion inside the target. In contrast, the gun planted with Vincent Foster's body, the one that is claimed to have fired the shot into his head (without getting Foster's fingerprints or blood on that gun) was loaded with soft lead unjacketed slugs, which expand on impact to couple more of the energy to the target.

Therefore, despite the greater kinetic energy of the .357 used by Bud Dwyer, the nearly identical width of the bullet, taken into account with the greater expansion of the bullet from the Foster gun, would mean that almost identical amounts of energy (knock down) stayed with the target in both cases.

The Media Chime In

For some reason, this page out of all the otherrs at my website seems to attract the attention of the media.

Most recently, TIME magazine, in their Feb 9th 1998 issue, had this to say.

If a survey of Clinton's accusers proves nothing else, it's that birdbrains of a feather flock together. On the alleged plot's outer edges stand the mom-and-pop entrepreneurs devoted to peddling anti-Clinton miscellany via at least a dozen Websites. Michael Rivero's Vincent Foster page invites the visitor to view a video of an actual suicide by gunshot, while the unofficial Bill Clinton home page features a doctored photograph of the President with his pants around his ankles.

Admittedly, TIME's intent was to lump this website in with those that employ altered photos to make their point, but the news article which ran in the Philidelphia Daily News under Don Russell's byline, more accurately reflects the intent of this page.

But at "The Suicide Page," the video seems to serve a defensible journalistic purpose.

The page is part of a Web site that asserts the 1993 death of White House counsel Vince Foster was murder,
not suicide.

In an e-mail interview with the Daily News, the site's author, Michael Rivero, said he "thought long and hard" about including the video.

"In the end, I felt the video, as ugly as it is, provided the clearest example of what should have resulted had Vincent Foster actually died in the manner described in the official report," Rivero said.

"Budd Dwyer's body was soaked in blood," Rivero continued. "Had Vincent Foster's heart been beating when the gunshot to his head was inflicted, the same result should have happened. But . . . there was just a 'trickle' of blood coming from his mouth and nose -- a clear indication that Vincent Foster's heart had stopped beating
prior to the head wound being inflicted."

Evidence to support Rivero's forensic analysis -- accurate or otherwise -- never would see such a wide audience if the government censored the video.

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