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Ron Paul Beats Digg Bury Brigade
Exposure on social networking giant continues viral online trend of Congressman's message

Prison Planet | May 21, 2007

Ron Paul beat the notorious Digg bury brigade to feature on the main page of the social networking giant this afternoon, with the story about his appearance in Austin receiving over a thousand Diggs within hours of its release.

Digg.com is a news ranking website that is many times bigger than most major newspaper websites and the Drudge Report. Users vote to Digg up stories to the main page or bury them. Digg's ranking system is subject to the whim of a notorious "Bury Brigade" that obsessively votes down anti-establishment political content, leading many like Wired News to attack the concept that Digg is some kind of online democracy.

Prison Planet is routinely targeted by the bury brigade and 99 per cent of our stories are immediately censored, but the sheer popularity of Ron Paul at the moment ensured that today's story was pushed right to the top and is currently enjoying maximum exposure.

This means that thousands of new people are reading about Ron Paul's message, continuing a viral trend that led to the Texas Congressman being ranked amongst the most popular search terms on Yahoo, Google, Technorati and You Tube.

Ron Paul is currently the number one searched for item on Technorati.com, even beating mainstay Paris Hilton.

The establishment are in panic mode over how quickly the Ron Paul snowball is gaining momentum and have repeatedly tried to smear and attack the Congressman, but these tactics are backfiring as more and more people resonate with Paul's message of limited government and bringing the troops home.

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