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GOP's Ron Paul keeps building support despite naysayers

Monsters & Critics | August 6, 2007
Stone Martindale

This Texan just isn't going away anytime soon. Ron Paul's growing base of support and money for the coffers has GOP stalwarts scratching their heads.

East Texas congressman Paul has galvanized a cross-section of all parties and affiliations that are hungry for a politician who is less of a political animal, and more of a straight shooter.

Paul, 71, is considered by many to be a long shot for the Republican nomination, but that seems to have only stoked his supporters to grassroots educate the uninformed, and coordinate a Howard Dean-like campaign under the radar and on the Internet.

ABC News reports that the building juggernaut of Paul's supporters has helped him raise $3 million over the past three months.

Paul touts classic old Republican values of small government, low taxes and minimal foreign intervention.

ABC reports that Paul is careful with his campaign donations, just spending $650,000 this year, the third-least of all 2008 presidential candidates, according to federal campaign finance reports ABC used as a reference.

Dr. Paul is an obstetrician-gynecologist and former Air Force flight surgeon, and has been opposed to the Iraq war from the beginning. The congressman's controversial views on abolishing the IRS, Education Department and Energy Department have some people worried.

According to ABC, Paul is pro-life and opposes the death penalty and abortion, and votes against military appropriations and gun control.

Paul spokesman Jesse Benton told ABC news that Paul has some work to accomplish before the first votes for the nomination are cast in about five months. "The campaign just bought its first radio ads in Iowa and New Hampshire and has nearly tripled its staff to 25 in the past month," reports ABC.

"We realize the odds are still pretty long for Dr. Paul, but we think that Ron is a real legitimate player now that people are starting to pay attention," Benton C.

ABC quoted satirist Stephen Colbert who quipped to Paul on his mock right-wing talk show, "You are an enigma wrapped in a riddle nestled in a sesame seed bun of mystery."

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