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Ron Paul Selected as the Underdog of the Election

PR Web | June 6, 2007 

NFLSystems.com has critically broken down the 2008 election and has decided that of all the candidates, Ron Paul is the one that has the highest value.

The web site discredited latest polls showing Ron Paul with very little support as being unimportant at this stage. "The nominating process is still 7 months away and voters have not fully been exposed to the candidates," says the website. They further explain that "the voters that have seen and heard of Ron Paul like what they see." The Internet support for the candidate has grown astronomical as if it was a quantum leap in the past month and there is no sign of it slowing down. They explain that Ron Paul's support would ideally grow once the average voter goes online to learn about the candidates.

The other item the web site points out is that Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate to oppose the war. The web site points out how Paul could win even if he was out of step with the rest of the party with a basketball analogy. It stated that if the two best players are on one team, the third best player would have a better scoring average better because points would be spread evenly across the two great players just as votes would be in a primary or caucus election.

It was also stated in the analysis that if voters' discontent with the war grows in the coming months before the Iowa caucuses, Ron Paul would be the only formidable Republican for these candidates to support.

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