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Ron Paul Facebook Student Network Tops 20,000

Wednesday Aug 29, 2007

Mainstream media has labeled Ron Paul (R-Tex) as the “Internet candidate” for his online success, especially with 700-plus MeetUp groups. Less well reported is how well Ron Paul is doing with college students around the nation. The campaign is said to have over 100 Facebook.com student groups and likely 20,000-plus students participating nationally - a figure that trounces all other candidates with the exception of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

"Obama has been building a Facebook presence forever," said one source close to the Ron Paul campaign. "But the Ron Paul effort took everybody by surprise. It was purely spontaneous." In fact, student sentiment is seemingly hard to predict. The largest campaign-oriented, national Facebook network of all is not a "pro" forum at all, but is said to be an "anti-Hillary" group. Facebook is a 'Net-based MeetUp-like facility, but one that is well-known for penetrating a college-age audience. The 'Net facility has also attracted some controversy, as FMNN has reported, for its putative links to US intelligence agencies.

Sources close to the Ron Paul campaign say that a new website directly devoted to student activism is about to be rolled out that will further build up Ron Paul's message and popularity in the receptive college sector. The catalyst for tapping such student activism was an independent, volunteer effort that apparently raised close to $50,000 online for the Ron Paul campaign in the second quarter of '07. The campaign has high hopes for more such funding success during the rest of '07, as well as for the building of an ever-larger base of student volunteers.

"For decades, students were routinely exposed to socialism as the only answer to sociopolitical problems," points out one source. "But the Internet has blown up that paradigm. Students on the Internet can read about free-markets at a host of sites - even if universities and faculties are doing their best to discourage the message. Given the opportunity to choose an intellectual and philosophical stance, many reasonable young people opt for freedom, and its obvious benefits. That's why pro-free market sentiment will continue to grow, and free-market candidates such as Ron Paul are the obvious beneficiaries of that." (Intelligence update.)

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