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The Truth Why Ron Paul Is Excluded From Iowa Forum

vote-ron-paul-2008 | June 21, 2007

All credit goes to Dailypaul.com on this one.

It appears that Ed Failor Jr. is senior adviser on the McCain Campaign in Iowa! Talk about a conflict of interest, huh? This is another site that says he is with the McCain Campaign just in case they try to say it's not true. And why not another which is a press release from McCain's Campaign itself!

Not only is he an adviser, but he has donated $1250 to the McCain 2008 campaign on March 31, 2007. This information is confirmed here.

How much more ridiculous will this get? Do they really think they can get away with something this blatantly obvious?

After about a half hour of Google searching, it appears that Failor has had a blind eye towards Ron Paul all along. In every single article, they say how "all" the presidential candidates each have their own challenges to overcome with Iowa's religious conservative views. Now rather than say Ron Paul matches their views, they completely leave out his name in every single article I have read.

Another aspect that Dailypaul.com has on their site is that Ed Failor is tied to an organization called American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) with a lot of big corporate money at stake. Here are some of the companies involved.
"ALEC has the financial support of more than 200 corporations including Coors, Amway, IBM, Ford, Philip Morris, Exxon, Texaco and Shell Oil. William Bennett, Jack Kemp, John Sununu, and George Bush have all addressed ALEC sessions in recent years."

Now as if it can't get any worse. Here are more companies that support their missions.

"Companies and industry organizations supporting ALEC's mission include Enron, Amoco, Chevron, Texaco, R.J. Reynolds, AT&T, the American Nuclear Energy Council, the Chlorine Chemistry Council, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America."

You can read the whole scoop here. Just seeing the list of companies this gentleman is dealing with, scares the heck out of me! Obviously these businesses do not like Ron Paul's message of truly free market activity and getting rid of corporate welfare .

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