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The Untouchable, Unstoppable Ron Paul

Dana Gabriel | July 9, 2007

First they tried to ignore him, then they tried to embarrass him, and now the attack dogs are out in full- force. In a desperate attempt they are trying to dig up any dirt from his past, but Ron Paul doesn't have any skeletons in his closet. He is a model of consistency, which can't be said for most politicians. The hit pieces are mounting, and many are trying to misrepresent him and his message, but to no avail. You must be doing something right when you are getting attacked from all sides. If Ron Paul has no chance of winning and he is nothing more then a second-tier candidate, as many are suggesting, why is there such a concerted effort to discredit and silence him?

Ron Paul is a threat to the establishment, to the Republicans and Democrats, and to this whole fake paradigm. A transformation is taking place, and he represents the common-sense revolution. Many in the anti-war movement who supported the Democrats and helped them gain control of the Senate and Congress now feel betrayed. He is restoring hope to those who have given up on the political process and his passion for freedom has many gravitating to his campaign. He is the only one out of the Republican presidential candidates who opposed the Iraq war. He favors a humble foreign policy and wishes to spread democracy by setting a good example-- one that other countries will want to emulate. The good doctor prescribes a restoration of the constitution, and his message of liberty, limited government, lower taxes, and preserving American sovereignty is resonating with many voters.

Recently, Ron Paul was not invited to participate in a Republican candidate's forum in Iowa. The event was co-sponsored by the Iowans for Tax Relief. Something didn't seem right-- after all, Dr. Paul has never voted to raise taxes. It then came out that one of the key organizers was active in the sinking ship that is now the John McCain campaign. What a contrast to Ron Paul, who has momentum and is a candidate on the rise. Something had to be done to try and slow him down. Ron Paul stated, “It's the control by the political establishment to want to exclude the viewpoints, which many people consider telling the truth.” He went on to say, “But there is a limit as to how much they can do to silence us.” He was right, and instead of hanging his head down and feeling sorry for himself, he did something about it. A rally was held in the same venue as the forum and Ron Paul outdrew all the other candidates combined. Talk about something blowing up in your face.

Ron Paul is running for president because he loves this country and wishes to save it. He is very approachable and makes himself available to everyone. He represents ordinary middle class Americans, those in the anti-war movement, freedom lovers, and those sick of big government corruption. Republicans, democrats, libertarians and independents; there is room for all in the Ron Paul tent. His message is such a contrast to the bought and paid-for candidates, and that's what makes the dynamics of his campaign so exciting and refreshing. Does he have a chance of winning? I believe so, but even if he didn't, supporting him is the right thing to do. Unfortunately, many have to be associated with one of the media-chosen front runner candidates, as it empowers them. They feel they have to be on the winning team and choose between the lesser of the evils. This time we don't have to--we have the right man with the right message.

The attacks on Ron Paul are becoming more frequent as the mainstream media and some of the other candidates put a negative spin on his campaign. There is an effort to downplay all his accomplishments. This includes his huge internet presence, the fact that he has won several on-line polls, and the success of his rally in Iowa. When reporting they refer to his campaign as doomed and say that he is little known outside of Texas, with no chance of winning. This is the underdog story the media usually loves to report on. They have exposed themselves and by continuing to attack him this will only bring more people to our side.

His detractors in the mainstream media and some in his own party might have thought that Ron Paul was going to be a pushover and just fade away into obscurity, never to be heard from again. To the contrary, he is in this fight to win, and the lesson is to never underestimate your opponent. This serious miscalculation could very well come back and bite them. Ron Paul is doing something revolutionary in the sense that he is speaking the truth, and the people are ready to listen. This race to the White House isn't over by a long shot. Ron Paul isn't about to throw in the towel. The longer he stays in this race the more people his message will reach. We are on the verge of something big, and we all have a chance to make history.


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