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OSS CEO Publishes Letter to the Editor of The Washington Post Pointing Out Omissions in Karl Rove's Legacy: Immorality, Illegality, and Impropriety

Prison Planet |November 2, 2006
By Robert David Steele

Dear Editor,

“I am astonished to find a nominally responsible newspaper publishing a front-page above-the-fold article, ‘Midterm Vote May Define Rover's Legacy: Big Losses Could Dim Aura of Bush Advisor' by Michael Abramowitz, without reference to known illegalities..

“How is it possible that a newspaper with your access to open sources of information, with your analytical reach, with your erudite editors, could publish an article that fails to mention that brilliant as Karl Rove is, both victories in 2000 and in 2004 were a consequence of orchestrated illegal tampering with the election process?

“In Florida in 2000, Greg Palast amply documented—in advance no less—the deliberate disenfranchisement of over 35,000 people of color by Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris. That national election was stolen in advance, and anyone who does not acknowledge that is either immoral or poorly informed.

“In Ohio in 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine subsequently documented the last-minute prevention of over 350,000 voters from either voting (too few old machines, seven hour lines) or having their votes discarded (tallies without John Kerry's name).

“The losers, accepting theft, dishonored America.

“Thomas Jefferson said ‘A Nation's best defense is an educated citizenry.' Justice Louis Branstein is on record as saying ‘…the greatest menace to freedom is an inert people.' As I observe the collapse of our institutions—broken government, immoral churches, predatory corporations, inept schools, and—for the longest time now—ignorant mainstream media dishing out propaganda with a news hole while refusing to publish fully-funded dissent pages—I have to conclude that it is time for all citizens to either opt out of the mainstream and move to localized support networks where ethics and kinship, as well as intelligent sustainable practices, can predominate—or get back in the business of self-governance. Visit www.oss.net and www.citizen-party.org .

“I'm going to keep my subscription to the Post, but henceforth I will read it the way I listen to FOX News—for a sense of what the deaf and the blind on both extremes are saying.”

Robert David Steele (Vivas)
CEO, OSS.Net, Inc.

-0- 10/30/2006 /CONTACT: Robert Steele, 703.242.1701

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