Rumsfeld: I Didn't Advocate Invasion
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Rumsfeld: I Didn't Advocate Invasion

Daily Dissent | November 21 2005

Rumsfeld is to have us believe that the President of the United States never once consulted his own Secretary of Defense on the case for going to war with Iraq. He means to say that the country was going to war and the President didn't ask his opinion about an invasion and all its associated geopolitical ramifications. Its absolutely preposterous. It must be "folklore" that Rumsfeld was involved at all.

On This Week, Stephanopoulos asked Rumsfeld, had he known the intelligence concerning WMDs was inaccurate, if he would have still advocated going to war with Iraq. Rumsfeld responded by stating that he was never asked. Imagine that, Bush never consulted the Secretary of Defense regarding the case for war.

Like everything else with this administration, the facts state otherwise. The rewriting of history begins

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911:  The Road to Tyranny


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911:  The Road to Tyranny