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The United States exports most of its weapons to human rights abusers, particularly in the Middle East.

MENL | May 27, 2005

A new report said that more than half of the top 25 recipients of U.S. military equipment in the developing world were defined as undemocratic by the State Department.
British military hardware 'was used in Uzbek massacre'

The New York-based Arms Resource Center said that in 2003 13 nations received more than $2.7 billion in U.S. weaponry under the Foreign Military Sales and Commercial Sales programs.

The center, part of the World Peace Institute, cited the top recipients as Saudi Arabia, with $1.1 billion; Egypt, $1 billion; Kuwait, $153 million; and the United Arab Emirates, with $110 million.

"In all, four of the five top U.S. arms recipients in the developing world had major issues, ranging from undemocratic governments, to poor human rights records across the board, to patterns of serious abuse," the Arms Resource Center report, entitled "U.S. Weapons at War 2005: Promoting Freedom of Fueling Conflict," said.

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