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Virginia Tech killer played no games

The Inquirer | April 23, 2007 
Nick Farrell

WHILE SOME PUNDITS are insisting that Virginia Tech killer Cho Seung Hui must have been influenced by violent video games, police have ruled that line of inquiry out.

A search of Hui's dorm room has not found any game gear of any type in his room. His roommate has also told coppers that during Hui's rare appearances in the dorm he never saw him play any computer games either.

Those who want to dust off the idea of violent television programmes and videos as the cause of Hui's murder rampage will be disappointed that he didn't have a TV or video either.


Hui did have a Compaq computer and a Dell Latitude service tag for some reason. So far there have been no reported cases of mass murder linked to Compaq computers or Dell Latitudes.

You can read what coppers found here here .

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