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Ventura unleashes verbal carpet-bombing
Though the former Minnesota governor is in Texas campaigning with Kinky Friedman, he can't help commenting on a host of topics.

Minneapolis Star Tribune/Bob Von Sternberg | September 27 2006

SAN ANTONIO - Jesse Vent ura may look a tad, well, different now than he did during the four years he was Minnesota's governor, but he still sounds a lot like the guy who offended somebody, anybody, back then at the drop of a hat.
This week, during a three-day college barnstorming tour with Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman, Ventura verbally carpet-bombed subjects wholly unrelated to Friedman's independent candidacy. A sampling:

On his life these days, which he divides between Minnesota and Baja California: "It's marvelous, just marvelous. All I'm doing anymore is running and surfing and working out. The hair? I haven't had any haircuts for the past three years because, hey, I'm broke and can't afford 'em. ..."

Then, continuing his remarks made in passing to reporters at campaign headquarters, Ventura said: "Now that the First Lady and I are living in Mexico, we're preparing to say that two of their illegals can have our spots up here."

His comments left some of his former constituents less than amused.

"I'd rather see him talk about things that are helping us integrate our society, rather than divide it," said Anne Attea, coordinator of Hispanic Ministry at the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

On other issues, Ventura was no less effusive. Regarding the proposed Mexican border fence being debated in Congress (which Friedman supports):

"It may be designed to keep people out, but what if it keeps you in 10 years from now? I, for one, don't want to live in East Berlin."

On California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who starred in "Predator," one of Ventura's movies: "Ah, let him win a real election, like I did."

What he and Friedman represent: "We're the real moderates in politics. As the late, great Jerry Garcia once said: If you have to pick between the lesser of two evils, you still have to pick evil."

About petropolitics and the Bush administration: "So gas prices are going down and the election is coming? There's a connection? God, are they naïve. It's being taken away as an election issue. ... Everyone knows the Saudis are in bed with the Bushes. And they control the oil prices. Look at 9/11; [most] of the 19 hijackers are Saudis and we invade Iraq?"

On Vice President Dick Cheney's shooting of a hunting partner: "Had he served in the military, he'd have known how to handle that weapon. The man was negligent."

On what he sees as the stranglehold the Democratic and Republican parties exert on American politics: "It isn't democracy -- it's fascism. Who's in control of the government? Big business and organized religion."


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