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Russo: Ron Paul Should Attack Giuliani In Next Debate
Film maker and former presidential candidate advises Texas Congressman to target former New York Mayor

Prison Planet | May 23, 2007
Paul Joseph Watson

Film maker and former presidential candidate Aaron Russo has a simple piece of advice for Ron Paul should he wish to continue the amazing momentum that the Texas Congressman's campaign has built up over the last few weeks - attack Rudy Giuliani.

Russo, producer of the hugely popular documentary America: From Freedom to Fascism , is currently battling against cancer and used his extensive experience of political campaigning and knowledge of how the media operates to advise the Texas Congressman on his strategy for the next debate, which is to be held on August 5th.

"I spoke to Ron and I think what Ron has to do right now is go after Rudy Giuliani," Russo told the Alex Jones Show.

"I think the way the press played what happened in the last debate is that they made it out to be as if Ron Paul gave Rudy Giuliani the election and hand him a gift....but if you understand the press and the way things work in this country it's the other way around - Giuliani gave Ron Paul the election."

Russo said that Giuliani elevated Ron Paul by attacking him and gave him a prominence that he would not otherwise had achieved, adding that Giuliani opened the door for the Texas Congressman to go after him.

Aaron Russo

Russo, who himself ran for Governor of Nevada in 2002 and as a candidate for the presidency under the Libertarian Party banner in 2004, has personally advised Ron Paul to go on the attack and escalate his feud with Giuliani to create another flashpoint for the press to report on.

"The fact is that when people walk away from that debate, if Ron attacks Rudy properly in a smart way, the press is going to write all about it," said Russo, adding that Ron Paul should replicate Giuliani's tactic of speaking out of turn to attack the former New York Mayor on his record, because it would immediately become apparant that the Texas Congressman has guts.

Russo agreed that Paul should attack Giuliani on his rampant profiteering from 9/11 and his complicity in covering up the toxic dust scandal as well as his flagrant disregard for firefighter's remains that were ordered to be "scooped and dumped" in a landfill after fellow firefighters were threatened with arrest if they tried to interrupt the ground zero clean up procedure.

Russo also forecasts that the next debate will be just as rigged as the Fox news debacle, and that a concerted effort to sideline Ron Paul will be made.

"It's my opinion they're going to try and bury him in the next debate and not give him much time," concluded Russo.

Click here to listen to Aaron Russo on The Alex Jones Show, in which Ron Paul's campaign is explored at length.


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